Published – Southern Weddings Magazine V5


We had a very special reason to be thankful last week, our client’s Eddie and Jordan’s wedding was published in the new issue of Southern Weddings Magazine.


I loved the layout of special moments and details in the 4.5 page spread photographed beautifully by Jeremy Harwell.

The new issue of Southern Weddings is truly special and a breath of fresh air. So many times wedding magazines are just filled with pretty pictures and ideas on how to imitate what you see. The team at Southern Weddings took a different approach to this issue. They published a magazine centered around love and to remind readers what really matters – more than just one wedding day – a strong marriage.

As a wedding planner, I sometimes see couples lose sight of what’s important about a wedding. They get caught up in the expectations and pleasing others. They spend endless hours stressing over details they don’t agree on and are absolutely miserable by the time the wedding day arrives. It breaks my heart to hear a couple say they can’t wait for the day to just be over so they can be done with it.

A wedding is the start of a family, the start of a legacy, and new traditions. It’s the beginning of a lifetime with your partner. I’ve been married for 12 years and I promise you the wedding day is the start of many ups and downs, and very hard times. But in those hard moments, it’s your wedding day that you reflect on to get you through. I still remember the vows we made. The way everything and everyone disappeared in the room when our eyes locked as I walked down the aisle. The way he smiled so incredibly happy when he took my hands into his. How it felt to be surrounded by our loved ones who supported our marriage. These moments on the wedding day are the ones that will get you through the tough times and remind you ¬†why you love each other and why you decided to get married.

As I reflect on my favorite weddings, they are the couples who took in every moment of their wedding day. They didn’t rush through it. I remember my bride who twirled in her reception room like a little girl giddy with excitement. I remember my groom who’s breath was taken away at the sight of his bride. I remember my clients who danced and gazed into each other’s eyes on the dance floor as if no one was around. These are the moments you treasure and reflect on to sustain a marriage.

Our approach to wedding planning is to take a limited number of weddings so we can get to know our couples and their love story. We help them manage the wedding planning process so it doesn’t get overwhelming. We help them select a vendor team that enhances their experience and makes planning effortless. We help them incorporate their family traditions and personalities throughout the details of the wedding day so they are surrounded by the details that tell their love story.

Reading the new issue of Southern Weddings has reaffirmed my commitment to help my clients keep in mind the big picture – their marriage – and to help them fill their wedding day with memories they will cherish. To find meaning in the details they select for their wedding day. To break the rules if it means it will allow them to enjoy the day. To create a stress free environment so they can be completely caught up in the moment. If their wedding day is filled with love, it can’t go wrong. Because Love Never Fails!